I’ve read a lot of female & beauty magazine in Malaysia but none of them in market are really satisfying because they don’t give exactly all the detail info about beauty product and services available in market. I can’t really find a comprehensive info that I wanted. That is why I come out with this site to give and share more info about beauty services available in market.

Sometimes we feel curious and want to know what are the procedure that we have to go through and the effect we have to face after getting all these services, right? I am here to reveal everything, compile the info and give my personal review. I am sure all of you out there also have been doing a lot more than what I published here, so hopefully we can share among ourselves here. I believe whether you are a noob or a professional in beauty or even a fashion disaster, we all still have the right to know, share, learn and try so many things out there. But don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you all to pork out your money to be beautiful. Just do whatever you girls can afford to and enjoy it! Lastly, if you want me to open new topic about certain things on beauty product or services that you are not sure of, yes I surely will try my best to compile all the info here for us to share again. Thanks!

"Natural beauty is pure and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of touch up to enhance your natural beauty..cheers"

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Doubled your eye size! Cool trick.

This is what we called self-obsessed!!

Watch her...would you call this self-obsessed? I dunno..she post 51 videos in Youtube doing the same pose everytime. What do you think? Want to see more? I think it's kinda funny and crazy, it really makes me laugh! Here ->

Any Hope On Breast Enlargement Without Surgery?

Trying to enlarge your breast naturally? Hum..maybe a good effort, or maybe not. Well, every product have different effect on every individual. So far I'm not sure how effective all the products in market are. According to expert, there is no product out there that can enlarge woman's breast naturally - no choice but to opt for breast implant if you are really desperate. Don't get despair if your effort in getting it naturally is worthless, as I'm telling you earlier that the most visible result you will get is by surgery. Most product is just hopeless and they only help to firm your breast rather than enlarge it. But I don't know, sometimes miracle does happen and some people say some product works for them. So maybe you would like to try and see if miracle will happen to you, but of course it's all about money. Here is some link that might help you to get some resources :

If you are interested, contact this person. I'm not selling anything here and I don't know this person, just trying to help you to get it.

Some other products that have good feedback by users :



Activa Blossom Bust Enhancement Cream

Dermacare Bust Defining Serum

St. Herb Product


Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis

F Cup Cookies

Natural Breast Alteration

Electro-acupunture on Breasts Enchancement

Breast Enhancement Product Comparison & Review

There is also lingerie that can help to shapen your body and place the fat where is suppose to be, like breast. I heard some good feedback on Elken Lingerie. You may want to try, but it is very expensive. About RM2500-RM3000 per set. Another one is Japan Nano Breast Enhancement Lingerie

Some people use contraceptive pills to get enlargement effect (it's actually breast tenderness). Do some research about which type of pills suits you because they have different level of oestrogen and progesterone. Get consultation from your gynaecologists or obstetricians regarding this pills. One packet only cost RM9 and available in some pharmacies.

More info :

Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

Sexy bob hairsyle like Victoria Beckhams

Victoria looks hot with her world famous bob hairstyle. Everywhere i go in KL I can see bunches of girls around me with the same bob style. I don't know why it's so famous but I do agree that the hip look can make someone looks stylish especially if you have a thick well shaped hair. To tell the truth, not everyone benefit fully from this look although it does suit all kind of face shape. The result will vary for each individual depending on your hair thickness, volume, natural texture and shape. If you have fine and flat hair, I don't think this style will suit you as they need to be layered with lots of volume at the back. I totally love this hairstyle if you opt to have short hair. Here i attached together with some of Victoria's hairstyle best shot that you can show to your hairstylist. Some few tip on bob style :
1) Bob need volume at the back part and a bit straight at the
side so the shape will remain in place. Must have the
effort to blow your hair if you have wavy hair. Nice!
2) We need wave and volume to create bob style, so don't do
rebonding/straightening before you cut this style. It
wont work bacause the back part will look flat, so it's not
bob anymore later.
3) If you have problem that your side part will curl out later, try
doing straightening at the side part only, not the whole
Good luck! Hope it works for you...and have fun with
short hairstyle bacause it's sexy!

Another latest hot hairstyle from Posh...I love this one as well, but be careful as you can look a bit boyish with this style

How to get double eyelids without surgery?

Double eyelid…or single eyelid…which one woman prefer? I’m sure many of you are so crazy about double eyelid. Honestly, I also don’t know why. Sure its beautiful to have double eyelid but to tell the truth, single eyelids is also beautiful. When you know how to put on make up on your single eyelid, actually it’s very cute! Well, if you still insist on having double eyelids, I recommend you to get transparent sticker or eyelid glue to get this effect. You can get it from any beauty store like Sasa & Shins. All you need to do is stick the sticker on our eyelids and you’ll get a magic double eyelid! The problem is that it’s quite hard to put on eye shadow on the sticker which makes your eyelids unnatural. The second option is using eyelids glue and applies it on your crease line where you want to create the double eyelids. This one looks more natural and easy to put on makeup but quite hassle to do it. If you want an extreme option, then surgery can be done to have double eyelids permanently but of course quite costly. Some woman face imbalance eyelids size problem…this is the worse case. You may need only one eye to apply the sticker to balance it back. Overall, using eyelids sticker and glue can only get temporary result. Use it every night so that when you wake up the next morning, you don’t have to put on the sticker or glue because the effect can last about 1 or 2 days. If you keep using it in long term, there might be permanent effect on your eyelids but it depends on individual as well.

This is the method using eyelid glue :

Some of the brands in market :

I haven’t tried this eye clipper, don’t know if they really work.

Learn why model have the oh so perfect look!

Models have perfect face contour, sharp features, sharp nose, so fine facial shape-oval, slim, slender, sexy tan skin, fine complexion...bla bla. Don't get confuse and cheated by models look! Does it look natural? Yeah of course...but again it’s fake la. Of course it is done by professional to create a perfect look every woman desire. Everything in this world is possible. Chubby face can look slim, wide jaw can look narrow, round face can be elongated, single eyelids can can be transformed into sexy deep crease. Don’t have nose bridge..? Also can be done. Learn from these experts how to enhance and cheat your look. Face contouring and shading can make you look 10 times hotter plus natural without those colourful clown fake look. Use it as a base before you apply any other colouring to your face or just leave it natural with tan glamorous skin like Jennifer Lopez. I love natural & nude colour but keep in mind that you may look older, pale or darker if you apply it wrongly. Shading looks like barely there make up but it actually uses more than you thought. Keep practicing until you master it so you can always have that perfect look. So watch how these experts do it. Each of them has their own method which suit to different face.

Celebrity with plastic sugery

Hey your eyes and watch this. Everyday we keep admiring beautiful girl and wish so bad to be like them. There's a lot of things they did behind that we never know (like cosmetic surgery) but we keep forcing ourself to be like them desperately. I've seen many girl who is so obsess and desperate to have beautiful face and body like celebrity but what we don't know is that they too are not as beautiful as they appear in tv and magazine. Of course I wont deny there is many people out there who was born beautiful naturally and i myself admire them a lot ( such thing as envy or jealous). What I'm trying to tell you is...never feel bad about yourself. You can't compare yourself with those celebrity because they have lots and lots of money and sponsor to keep them beautiful. They make plastic surgery to enhance their beauty, they have their own personal fitness trainer to keep them fit physically, they have people sponsoring them on branded and glamorous clothes and jewelery to make them look fabulous all the time. We as a normal people can't afford to maintain all that (i'm not referring to those filthy rich women). So yourself and feel beautiful. Of course there's nothing wrong with enhancing your look a little bit with minor beauty cosmetic in market nowadays...because nobody's perfect.

Permanent hair removal

Embroidery - No more drawing your eyebrow

Thick eyebrow is a problem when you have to shape it and tweeze it to maintain the shape. But fine and no eyebrow is also a problem, right? Every morning having to draw your eyebrow properly is time consuming. Finding the right color and shape is not easy as well. Doing this for years I'd enough already. So the solution to no more drawing eyebrow is Embroidery. If you never heard of it, it’s actually something like semi-permanent tattoo...but it’s not a tattoo because tattoo will change color after few years which turn out to be ugly. Is it pain? Well...yeahhh a bit..but its really worth it if you hate drawing your eyebrow every time. So here how it goes...1st the beautician will draw for you the eyebrow according to your natural eyebrow shape and how you desire it to be using eyebrow pencil so they can rub it anytime if you don't like it. If you are satisfied enough, they will start doing the embroidery for you which will be an 'ouch!' if you 1st time experiencing it. Don't worry, a little bit of pain is worth for beauty (and save your money buying eyebrow pencil for years too). After about 30 min session is done, there might be a little bit of bruise on your eyebrow. They'll put a soothing gel for it. A bit of stinging pain for 1st hour after that...but it’s okay as I said earlier it’s really worth it. But that's not the end. Make another appointment after 1 month to touch up and darken the color because the 1st time is very light brown and they need to be darken to make it more natural. For the 1st week after the embroidery you will need to apply a cream given to soothe it. There will be dry patches on your eyebrow but don't peel it...let it peel itself naturally. After 2 to 3 touch up...there you go! A perfect arch of beautiful eyebrow for you to be proud of. Throw away all the eyebrow liner....but if you still want to touch it up a lil bit here and there...go ahead.

Service Available At : Ultimate Impression, Sg. Wang

Price : That time (early 2007) around RM300 plus (1st time + 2 touch up)

How long it last : 1-2 years (the color will fade by time)

Comment : Stand pain a little bit...and people will sense the change of your look. They will sure say..."Hey, nice eyebrow. Is that natural? Where did you do it?" I still think this investment is worth the look.

Dreaming to have long seductive eyelash?

Most of us especially Asian wasn't born with long curl eyelash. Looking at those model in magazine, celebrity in TV...yeah of course we really..really crave for those seductive eyelash. Eyelash is one of the most important feature in girl's face because they are the outstanding part other than nose. Its really hassle when every time we have to put on mascara before going out from house..well it take at least 10 min times of mine to curl it with eyelash curler, then putting few layer of black mascara (if it smudge then take some more time). Well, personally i don't fancy putting mascara every time..its damn 'mafan' i found a solution to have long and curl eyelash naturally. Eyelash extension! I love the look so long and thick yet very natural. Some people even swear they thought its my natural eyelash..but they will still ask and wonder la...haha. Most common comment -->"Your eyelash so long and thick". "You have a very pretty look like a babydoll!". "Is that your real eyelash?It look so amazing!" Haha...i love all these comment. But of course there's a downside of this eyelash extension. To maintain it...the more you let water get in touch with your eyelash, the shorter you can keep it. Hurry wipes it slowly if it does. The strands of eyelash are likely to be untidy by day so sometimes just grrom it with brow brushes. 1st time doing it, everyday my fake eyelashes start to drop one by one together with my natural lashes. so panic if i loose my entire eyelash. Well i guess for some people they won’t drop their natural eyelash if it is strong enough. (My friend said she has no problem like mine). The side effect may vary to different people. After doing it few times, seems like my eyelashes drop lesser and I don't know why. I may want to continue to do touch up to my eyelash because I really really love the effect or I might just remove it (must be done by professional) if I’m so terrified by my dropping eyelash. But don't worry, naturally our eyelashes also will drop everyday and they will grow back soon. If you opt for the more expensive type, they use softer eyelashes with less strong glue which means it won't drop with your natural eyelashes. This one might not last so long. I won’t ever think of doing permanent eyelash implant because there might be serious side effect. Sometimes i guess maybe i'll just have to accept and love my natural eyelash. Natural beauty is sometimes more effective and of course zero cost. So it’s up to you girl to decide which one is better for you. If you want to remove it, make sure you ask the professional to do it. Let’s have a look of how eyelash extension is done

Service Available At : WSL Admire Beauty & Slimming Saloon, Off Jln Pudu

Price : There are 2 types of eyelashes. The normal one is RM100 per session + 1 touch up within 2 weeks. The softer eyelashes are RM150 per session + 1 touch up. If you take a package, the price is RM450 (for RM100 eyelash) and RM750 (for RM150 eyelash) for 6 months touch up. Different saloon have different price. Some i heard is as low as RM90 per session but they don't have the package type.

How long it last : 2 – 4 weeks depending on how you take care of it.