I’ve read a lot of female & beauty magazine in Malaysia but none of them in market are really satisfying because they don’t give exactly all the detail info about beauty product and services available in market. I can’t really find a comprehensive info that I wanted. That is why I come out with this site to give and share more info about beauty services available in market.

Sometimes we feel curious and want to know what are the procedure that we have to go through and the effect we have to face after getting all these services, right? I am here to reveal everything, compile the info and give my personal review. I am sure all of you out there also have been doing a lot more than what I published here, so hopefully we can share among ourselves here. I believe whether you are a noob or a professional in beauty or even a fashion disaster, we all still have the right to know, share, learn and try so many things out there. But don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you all to pork out your money to be beautiful. Just do whatever you girls can afford to and enjoy it! Lastly, if you want me to open new topic about certain things on beauty product or services that you are not sure of, yes I surely will try my best to compile all the info here for us to share again. Thanks!

"Natural beauty is pure and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of touch up to enhance your natural beauty..cheers"

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Dreaming to have long seductive eyelash?

Most of us especially Asian wasn't born with long curl eyelash. Looking at those model in magazine, celebrity in TV...yeah of course we really..really crave for those seductive eyelash. Eyelash is one of the most important feature in girl's face because they are the outstanding part other than nose. Its really hassle when every time we have to put on mascara before going out from house..well it take at least 10 min times of mine to curl it with eyelash curler, then putting few layer of black mascara (if it smudge then take some more time). Well, personally i don't fancy putting mascara every time..its damn 'mafan' i found a solution to have long and curl eyelash naturally. Eyelash extension! I love the look so long and thick yet very natural. Some people even swear they thought its my natural eyelash..but they will still ask and wonder la...haha. Most common comment -->"Your eyelash so long and thick". "You have a very pretty look like a babydoll!". "Is that your real eyelash?It look so amazing!" Haha...i love all these comment. But of course there's a downside of this eyelash extension. To maintain it...the more you let water get in touch with your eyelash, the shorter you can keep it. Hurry wipes it slowly if it does. The strands of eyelash are likely to be untidy by day so sometimes just grrom it with brow brushes. 1st time doing it, everyday my fake eyelashes start to drop one by one together with my natural lashes. so panic if i loose my entire eyelash. Well i guess for some people they won’t drop their natural eyelash if it is strong enough. (My friend said she has no problem like mine). The side effect may vary to different people. After doing it few times, seems like my eyelashes drop lesser and I don't know why. I may want to continue to do touch up to my eyelash because I really really love the effect or I might just remove it (must be done by professional) if I’m so terrified by my dropping eyelash. But don't worry, naturally our eyelashes also will drop everyday and they will grow back soon. If you opt for the more expensive type, they use softer eyelashes with less strong glue which means it won't drop with your natural eyelashes. This one might not last so long. I won’t ever think of doing permanent eyelash implant because there might be serious side effect. Sometimes i guess maybe i'll just have to accept and love my natural eyelash. Natural beauty is sometimes more effective and of course zero cost. So it’s up to you girl to decide which one is better for you. If you want to remove it, make sure you ask the professional to do it. Let’s have a look of how eyelash extension is done

Service Available At : WSL Admire Beauty & Slimming Saloon, Off Jln Pudu

Price : There are 2 types of eyelashes. The normal one is RM100 per session + 1 touch up within 2 weeks. The softer eyelashes are RM150 per session + 1 touch up. If you take a package, the price is RM450 (for RM100 eyelash) and RM750 (for RM150 eyelash) for 6 months touch up. Different saloon have different price. Some i heard is as low as RM90 per session but they don't have the package type.

How long it last : 2 – 4 weeks depending on how you take care of it.


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