I’ve read a lot of female & beauty magazine in Malaysia but none of them in market are really satisfying because they don’t give exactly all the detail info about beauty product and services available in market. I can’t really find a comprehensive info that I wanted. That is why I come out with this site to give and share more info about beauty services available in market.

Sometimes we feel curious and want to know what are the procedure that we have to go through and the effect we have to face after getting all these services, right? I am here to reveal everything, compile the info and give my personal review. I am sure all of you out there also have been doing a lot more than what I published here, so hopefully we can share among ourselves here. I believe whether you are a noob or a professional in beauty or even a fashion disaster, we all still have the right to know, share, learn and try so many things out there. But don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you all to pork out your money to be beautiful. Just do whatever you girls can afford to and enjoy it! Lastly, if you want me to open new topic about certain things on beauty product or services that you are not sure of, yes I surely will try my best to compile all the info here for us to share again. Thanks!

"Natural beauty is pure and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of touch up to enhance your natural beauty..cheers"

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Celebrity with plastic sugery

Hey your eyes and watch this. Everyday we keep admiring beautiful girl and wish so bad to be like them. There's a lot of things they did behind that we never know (like cosmetic surgery) but we keep forcing ourself to be like them desperately. I've seen many girl who is so obsess and desperate to have beautiful face and body like celebrity but what we don't know is that they too are not as beautiful as they appear in tv and magazine. Of course I wont deny there is many people out there who was born beautiful naturally and i myself admire them a lot ( such thing as envy or jealous). What I'm trying to tell you is...never feel bad about yourself. You can't compare yourself with those celebrity because they have lots and lots of money and sponsor to keep them beautiful. They make plastic surgery to enhance their beauty, they have their own personal fitness trainer to keep them fit physically, they have people sponsoring them on branded and glamorous clothes and jewelery to make them look fabulous all the time. We as a normal people can't afford to maintain all that (i'm not referring to those filthy rich women). So yourself and feel beautiful. Of course there's nothing wrong with enhancing your look a little bit with minor beauty cosmetic in market nowadays...because nobody's perfect.

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