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"Natural beauty is pure and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of touch up to enhance your natural beauty..cheers"

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Sexy bob hairsyle like Victoria Beckhams

Victoria looks hot with her world famous bob hairstyle. Everywhere i go in KL I can see bunches of girls around me with the same bob style. I don't know why it's so famous but I do agree that the hip look can make someone looks stylish especially if you have a thick well shaped hair. To tell the truth, not everyone benefit fully from this look although it does suit all kind of face shape. The result will vary for each individual depending on your hair thickness, volume, natural texture and shape. If you have fine and flat hair, I don't think this style will suit you as they need to be layered with lots of volume at the back. I totally love this hairstyle if you opt to have short hair. Here i attached together with some of Victoria's hairstyle best shot that you can show to your hairstylist. Some few tip on bob style :
1) Bob need volume at the back part and a bit straight at the
side so the shape will remain in place. Must have the
effort to blow your hair if you have wavy hair. Nice!
2) We need wave and volume to create bob style, so don't do
rebonding/straightening before you cut this style. It
wont work bacause the back part will look flat, so it's not
bob anymore later.
3) If you have problem that your side part will curl out later, try
doing straightening at the side part only, not the whole
Good luck! Hope it works for you...and have fun with
short hairstyle bacause it's sexy!

Another latest hot hairstyle from Posh...I love this one as well, but be careful as you can look a bit boyish with this style

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